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Going Green in Your New England Garden - Save Water, Time and Resources

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Look for the Symbol Throughout the Website

go green tips and advice for the new england gardener

We are all taking a hard look at our habits these days and looking for ways to do the things we like while at the same time reducing our impact (carbon footprint) on the environment. Home vegetable gardening can be a rewarding experience while saving you A LOT of money on fresh produce throughout the New England growing season.

Look for the "Go Green" symbol throughout the website. It offers you tips and advice on how to do the things necessary to grow a successful vegetable and flower garden in a new and earth-friendly way.

The great part of going green is that you can actually reduce the amount of money you spend on things like water and fertilizer, save on your time in the garden and still reap the benefits of a bountiful harvest each year.

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