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Best Gifts for the New England Gardener

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Giving a gift to a gardener can be a daunting challenge. You may not know what tools they do or don't have, how old they are, or what other items that they might use and enjoy. You may just be tempted to pick up the latest gadget on the market, but before you do, here's some sound advice that you can use whenever you want to buy a special gift for someone that loves to be outside in the garden.

Best Gifts for the Child Gardener:

For young kids that love gardening, nothing intrigues them more than the sight of a seed sprouting and turning into a plant. The wonder of the process is enough to excite even small children, who can be fascinated by the simplest of things. Great gifts include a glass sprouting kit where they can see the germination process both above and underground, or perhaps a mini-terrarium with a couple small critters like snails inside. Whatever your choice, keep it simple and interesting for a home run every time!

Best Gifts for the Teenage Gardener:

I know exactly what you're thinking right now - there is no such thing as a teenage gardener! Teenagers are wrapped up in their friends, school activities, texting and overall socializing. That may be true but with a little help and direction, you'd be surprised how a teen's gardening tastes have really taken direction over the years. Especially for a young adult that used to like playing in the garden as a kid - those interests may still be there, just temporarily hidden. Do a little digging and you might find that a love of vegetable gardening, exotic plants like orchids, or terrarium gardening is still an interesting topic. Take the time to nurture these interests with how-to books or specialized equipment or tools. Chances are they have never had these before, and may love some sturdy garden tools, a gardening bench, a mini-greenhouse or even some gardening and design software. The sky's the limit, just use a little imagination!

Best Gifts for the Adult Gardener:

For many of us, we think of buying gifts for adults much harder than for anybody else. Why? Adults tend to have the means to purchase what they want when they want, so it can be more of a challenge to buy the perfect gardening gift for the adult. But wait... there's an upside to this fact. Whether their interest is in flower gardening, vegetable gardening, special ornamentals or just landscaping in general, knowing this information can make your job easier. Try to think outside the box for things they probably haven't run across at the local garden center.

For vegetable gardeners, that means heirloom vegetable plants and seeds. Most catalogs and garden centers carry just a few varieties of each vegetable, when in fact there may be hundreds of varieties out there. Use the internet and seek out old varieties that will be a great gift for the vegetable lover. For landscape enthusiasts, how about an interesting software application that can help them lay out and design their yard? Different, and useful year-round too! For the flower gardener, we suggest the same strategy as for the vegetable gardener - look for exotic plants, including bulbs and roots, of things they have never experienced at a garden center before. Just remember to make sure they will survive in the gardener's hardiness zone before you purchase them. There's nothing more disappointing than getting a gift that you know will die as soon as the first frost comes along.

No Matter What, Be Creative: Oftentimes, the best gifts are the ones that are the most creative and different. We hope we've spurred your interest in the limitless options that gardening gifts offer, no matter what the occasion or age. A gift for the gardener is a gift for their passion and helps them connect even more with the world around them.


We can't stress enough the importance of having good tools to work in the garden. You don't need 20 specialty tools to do the job, just a few solid go-to items that will take care of most any task you need to do. Over the years, we've tried 'em all, and believe me, most of them are garbage. They only last a year or two at most, they bend, they rust, and they just don't do the job they were meant to do. So we've put together a short list of our favorite gardening tools to save you a lot of grief and money. Let's get gardening!

Spear Head Spade/Shovel

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What Makes This Shovel so Great for New England Gardeners

  • OUR FAVORITE SHOVEL BY FAR - excellent for New England's rocky soils
  • can shovel right through gravel and other coarse soils
  • light-weight, ergonomic handle is easy to maneuver for gardeners of ANY age, only 3.6 pounds
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Hori Hori Knife/Hand Trowel

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Why This Gardening Hand Trowel/Knife is a Must for New England Gardeners

  • THE MOST-USED TOOL IN THE GARDEN - quality stainless steel blade
  • makes digging small holes a breeze because it can slice right through roots in the soil
  • has measurement markings to see how deep your hole is while you're digging- great for bulbs
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Bypass Shears

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Why Every Gardener Needs These Bypass Shears

  • GUARANTEED FOR FOREVER! - trim bushes, plants, small tree limbs
  • comfort grip handle makes even big cuts easy
  • adjustable handles, blade coating keeps them sharp and rust-free
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Garden Tool Set

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Basics for the New England Gardener

  • SUPER DURABLE - won't bend, crack or break
  • thick cast aluminum means no rust, ever
  • soft rubberized handles makes planting easy
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